Journey to Be Seen

Seen to be Unseen

This paradox of being Seen to be Unseen – is where you allow the Physical to be portrayed – but the Truth to be hidden – why is that happening? This is because of the alignment of Mind body Soul – Truth Belief Allowance.

Seen to be Seen

When all are moving into states of being – aligned as One with the Consciousness Grid of Self and the Universal consciousness of All – then you are Seen to be Seen

For the longest time you were all Unseen – in as far as awareness – the blinkers were on, it felt safer not to know. Now many are Seen – but you still have aspects of Unseen that need to be revealed – not only to others but to Self

When you have all aspects of self – Physical body, Innate Soul Wisdom, and Collective consciousness Mind – then you will be Seen to be Seen

right now, the percentage of those on your planet are shifting from Unseen to be Unseen, moving through Seen to be Unseen, in time more will be Seen to be Seen

But the things that hold people back from being Seen to be Seen – is an array of reasons

  1. Social conditioning

  2. Genetic make up

  3. Soul parameters

  4. Current life experiences

  5. Other (other incarnation) experiences

  6. Perception Ability to see the Truth in people/situations

  7. Outside influences from people

  8. Emotional intensity

You all need to work through these aspects so that in time – you can be Seen to be Seen

Seen (first – is self-realisation) to be Seen (second – is Collective Realisation)

It is very nerve wracking for many to be Seen to be Seen

Those who are Seen to be Seen started their [seen] transitioning – 20+ years ago… they are now out there being collectively seen, and enhancing the vibrational energies of your planet earth – help those to move from Unseen (self)



As we move through the states above of awareness, Unseen to be Unseen (U/U) (Unaware of consciousness as a human being) U/S (Unaware but you are shifting slowing into awareness) Seen to be Unseen (S/U) Aware of collective consciousness but not sharing with the world) Seen to be Seen (S/S) (Aware and sharing your understanding of Holistic Self). Where do you feel you are currently with each state of Visible Self potential?

Universal Perspective: Lesson One Awareness: Section C: Activity 3

I think I have journeyed through all four quarters most of my life. When younger, I was introduced into a ready-made family by mother biological mother and had the honor of sharing in her parents love as a child. In fact, I was quite spoilt by my grandfather or as I called him ‘Dad’. He would give me the world and although he was not entirely happy that his daughter had got pregnant at 19, he soon moved past that when I was crying to be held in the middle of the night. From my tired mother he soon took over the baby chores and I was his from that moment on. Even when he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, all decided that it was best that I remain in their care due to the large attachment my Dad had with me. At that point I had no idea that there was more to this alternative life that my Soul had chosen.

At school, however, I was very different to others. Although I made friends and did the things that children did in the 70s, I could see things that others couldn’t, I could feel things that when mentioned to my friends, they would look at me and laugh. I soon became a lot quieter the older I became. As a teenager I found that my confidence soon plummeted after the age of 14 when I was betrayed by my friends as I was involved in a group violation where I was the oppressed as they all leered and laughed thinking it was a big joke. I didn’t tell anyone, not even my mother and although I believed I self-healed, that 14-year-old was never quite the same again. I went into observation mode and pulled away from the popular kids because I found them lacking and false. Don’t, get me wrong, most of them were nice people I am sure, I just did not want to play teenage games. Immediately after my ‘attack’ the perpetrator received all the possible ‘hate’ that I could muster and I realized then the power of thought can most definitely create. Not to mention that is when I realized that all people have a spiritual protector and they listen. Was this a 14-year-old minds make believe? Looking back at it from a 50-year-old perspective, sure it could be coincidental, however a month to the date the boy involved died in a freak accident and I felt nothing. This was the time that I moved into the space of being Aware of many levels of the human soul but was keeping it very quiet, especially in the discovery of how thought creates reality especially if your spiritual protector is listening. *blinks*.

It was not until I turned 30 that I had a huge feeling and cosmic push, that I was missing something very important in my life – you could say I was late awareness bloomer *laughs*. I had always been rather interested in mythology, theology, and the way people believe the way they do because I felt that although religious approaches work for some people, I really did feel as though the complete picture was not sitting true for me – that there was more to it. That is when I discovered paganism and moved in circles that worked alongside mother earth to provide substance and understanding. I was fascinated by the ways of the Witches, although I found the dogma surrounding some aspects of this led towards a solitary path, honoring most of the rede yet embracing shamanic approaches. I was becoming more away yet not quite sure what to do with this process that was growing within me and to be honest I was just going where my heart or in this case, my truth directed me too.

As many of you know now, I was born Leah Jacqueline but never sat true with me, and felt my truest name was out there for the Universe to reveal to me so I asked. Okay, you know that saying ‘be careful what you wish for’ welllll this was very true in this instant because everywhere I turned, everything I breathed I was given the name Phoenix over and over in dream. In song, in dream, in thought, in sign just everywhere so I adopted that spiritual name to soon make legal to this day. This is when my spiritual awareness vamped up and boy did the veil drop and I could feel everything, know many things and was introduced to an even bigger circle of like mindedness and Source supports. I felt this was too big a story to keep to myself so it was time to share in my way. Initially I started with readings that soon moved into the passion of Teaching. I was doing a pagan type ritual – with my familiar (a rainbow lorikeet) and I asked to be told my Soul Life Purpose. A rather large – Angel like energy filled my heart and hearth revealing only one word ‘Teach’ and I inwardly laughed to discover 20 years later that it would come into fruition. I was ready to embracing the Seen to be Seen energy.

Some may never go through all four dances, some may be already Seen / Seen but obviously stubborn little ‘ol’ me had to go through the process, perhaps to share with the world that you can move forward and back through these processes in whatever you feel comfortable doing.

Cheron and Phoenix ©

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