Insight into being aware

Remember your current state of awareness and answer the following question:

(Refer to last fortnight newsletter to read Activity 3 for the pre-reading)

  1. What is/was happening when you were U/U

  2. What is/was happening in your life when you were U/S

  3. What is/was happening in your life when you were S/U

  4. What is/was happening your life when you were S/S

Do you believe the movement of awareness states is a fluidic state? Constant changing and moving through each state? Why?

Although I shared my dance above in answering my journey through the Unseen to Seen, it is very easy to get influenced from things external that will determine if you will to explore the greater picture of what is more than just daily human linear life. Sure, there are times where you can get truly consumed by it – we are all guilty of that – and it can determine where you feel the most comfortable, either completely unaware, or fully aware of innate knowledge and sharing it with the world and not worrying how it is received.

I must admit, letting the world know my view of life, spirituality and informing them of my belief in that which communicates through me but unable to defined in scientific terms (yet *winks) leaves me feeling very nervous. However, my passion about getting the greater message out into the world is more important to me now rather than hiding in the shadows keeping the knowledge all to myself. There have been times when I had three very small children, was going through (yet another) divorce and had a spirit enter my body and attempt to use me as a medium to share their concerns. I said “Oh hell, no!” and shut down this ability for a time until I was ready to explore under controlled circumstances. Not to mention, I am an extremely logical person and once I made peace with not having all my existential questions answered – but just birthing more questions – I was able to move into a more global arena reminding people of their innate abilities and knowledge.

I think once you reach the Seen/Seen stage – then it may be very difficult to go to the Unseen/Unseen stage once more. I know many people who are in the Unseen/Unseen and they are very happy with their linear human life and good for them. They are honoring their truth but I know deep within my heart that I would not be honoring mine if I stayed supremely entrenched in a realm of personal denial of that which helps me work outside of the social box

©Cheron and Phoenix

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