How Previous Lives Influence Now…

A lot of our phobias, innate concerns, behaviours and mannerisms create quite the human soul dynamic especially due to that connection from previous lives. Yes your previous life can influence your currently perceived one… and then some ….

As you tap into other lives you can tap into that which is human, that which is humanoid-like, and then there is the whole concept of being energy only as well as those who tap into animals when connecting for themselves or others.

I have yet to determine if choosing the life of an animal is beneficial at Soul level, the fact that I have connected to a few people that I was shown that they were animals – things like whales – totally blew my logical mind that I did start to wonder if it was possible. I do still have the belief that it is not very common, but then take a look at those cultures that believe we do have animal energy that guides or us, or even suggestion that all animal life be treated with respect due to the fact that they could be an ancestor. There is a thought that with beliefs like that, it is born from insight into potential possibilities so I try to keep my mind open about that.

I remember a time when ensuring that I had food and the right shelter for my family, and how desperately upset I would be if I could not do that. I soon tapped into that response of mine and find out that at some point I was holed up during the era of when people were escaping the horrors of the Third Reich – I do not think I was Jewish – but felt more Polish and was supporting the Jewish and was ‘found out’. So myself and my family (of which I was a child) were in hiding. My siblings passed first, then me when we didn’t receive the food we required although it was not starvation (like my siblings) that I passed from but from disease. Makes sense that I would be anxious if I was not able to to feed my family during our tough financial moments.

Another phobia (apart from spiders, heights etc hehe) was falling down stairs. I still hold on to the rail as I go slowly down the stairs, I see people skip or take stairs in twos (shudders) as they pass me *laughs*. When I was pregnant with stairs I took the lift to work up one flight of stairs because omgosh – two lives could be lost here. Weird huh? Everytime I walk down stairs (totally okay going up them by the way) – I see myself in a crumpled blood heap down the bottom and yet the clothing I am wearing as I ‘see’ this is like a white maids or nurses dress – with a black belt. So I truly believe that at some point I have fallen to my death with stairs in a previous life experience.

Have you got something similar like that with your daily life experiences? I remember when I connected with a lady who wanted information regarding previous lives, I saw her in a boat with children, and the boat capsized and she was floating down and yet I could see the over turned boat with the bubbles of children scattering around and yet she was unable to do anything. To this day, she is unable to have her head under a flowing water shower-head as it makes her very anxious, and she was currently a child care worker so seems she was navigated to a previous life experience with its effects from its tragedy in her current life.

Ohh another thing I am not a fan of and my poor kids have to do without – is balloons and the reasons why that is that I do not like sudden unexpectant bangs/pops/ loud noises. I get a massive flight/fight response – most of the time fight *laughs*. As a job my boss dropped a pile of files beside me with a huge bang , needless to say he will NEVER do that again because I came out fighting oooops. I have not investigated that personally, re that response, most likely something occurred in a previous life where I might have been shot, or involved in a very sudden and loud attack.

So although some of your phobias or ways of being that may appear OCD or over-reactive can be from a previous experience that is exaggerating your current human life experience. Can we work through this? Well yes, if you can identify where you believe the reaction was stemmed from. If you can rule out your current life, then most likely a previous one is influencing your current and you can choose to allow it or not. Sometimes as it becomes a part of your current psyche it can be a little difficult to shift that – but recognition and understanding of origin does give you a sense of awareness that you could control the extreme reaction that you could. When I realised my concern around food for my family, then I became less anxious and realised that I can create food out of thin air sometimes *laughs*.

If you are wondering how you can make peace with certain aspects of your own confusing life responses or even habits, go into a quiet space that you are comfortable with ( with me it is my music and noise cancelling headphones because of my busy family environment) and go into that space with the intent of getting a query answered. Watch the mind movies, thoughts or even feelings around your query. You might even hear or see things. Just go with the flow and realise that you are here right now discovering from previous life – what your story there was which is influencing your current now.

Phoenix Paton©

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