Honoring the Human Soul Dance

You are Human , You are Soul. Essentially these two aspects of Self – the human and the spiritual being – need to work together in conjunction to ensure that you uphold a positive state of holistic well being around the potential situations that may keep coming into your life for Soul experience. You have the choice to decide which things to embrace and which things to learn from and let go and there are various methods you can adopt as a way of ‘thinking’ to ensure that you are able to do this without tipping the balance, so to speak, so that you can create the realism around you that reflect your inner state and thought.

Bring into the picture a Soul in Source (Heaven, universal consciousness), that understands the need to learn from all varied avenues. Then take from that Soul a spark and put it into an incarnation that needs to learn new ways of understanding and lessons based on what that incarnation is ‘programmed’ for want of a better word. This is the way we get a colorful description and experience that fulfills the Soul at Source with information and new understandings.

Now give this Soul spark a thought process that questions all that it is faced with either in a positive way or a negative way – you can see how much in the way of experience you will obtain just by these two processes alone. This is why when you start to connect with the heart energy, and going within your Inter-dimensional portals that you have at cellular level ,you can connect to the truth where things start to make total sense, rather than remaining in the materialistic human mind. Wow what a dance but it makes the experience all the more colorful yes ?

On top of that you add the premise that what you choose to do in your incarnation is completely up to you. Yes,  you have freewill and can move from situation to experience at your own pace and level. The choice and the responsibility are yours and this is a concept that many people have issue with. It is easier to blame the Ego or external means for any situations that you find yourself in, rather than take full ownership for your life. As people become more spiritually enlightened and aware of the own inner knowledge and being and their connection to Source, they realize that with that freewill they can create the life around them. That whatever external energies that may be affecting them are essentially an illusion.

So there we have it – free will and a thought process via the ego-mind that can challenge your inherent connection with Source – just think of the endless possibilities and experiences that you can have within each incarnation – as you can see the opportunities and the possibilities are endless and allows your Soul in source to experience life from many different facets and levels.

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