Honoring Human Soul

We bring you to the heart – there you find your love, your desire, your passion, your truth, your honesty and also connect the worthiness that all people have within. The energy that flows within and without from your heart – the heart song as many have been told from us over the years – allows you to gain harmony with what it is you wish to achieve and what it is your head is telling you . Remember we talk about social conditioning – your head is going to be the human voice of reason and protection however it is not completely aware of the innate possibilities and opportunities that are afforded your wonderful beings on this planet.

Anything that comes from the heart is always from a place of honoring self, positive and comforting and there will be a signature of energy that will totally resonate.

Anything that comes from head is generally from a place of question and trying to make sense of a situation, contains strong emotions and feelings – and this can lead to positive acceptance or can bring up thoughts of confusion, doubt , worry, hesitation and these are generally all fear based responses. These are not comforting and can prevent you from responding to your inherent push to move forward in the view to keep yourself ‘safe’.

“But safe from what?” You ask. This is something that is unique and individual to the human going through a potential growth development. Some people are not happy with changing their circumstances. Others prefer to do what they feel is within their comfort source of energy. Doing something different can really test our resolve and standing out and being recognized for something amazing (which inherently you all are).

There are those who have issue with self worth and these are the people who need to ensure that their actions are based on integrity of self and honoring all aspects when making decisions in life. It is so easy to assume that you are not worthy – rather than getting out there and showing the world your worth. In doing this, however, it keeps you at a place of comfort but knowing that there is so much more in this.

If you are happy with this state then by all means do what is your choice. If you are not then you need to determine whether you are being honest with yourself.

This is what each current life is all about.

Getting into a state of contentment and peace within your current life situation.  With all the variations of what this involves- it is not the pursuit of happiness – it is in obtaining a state of pure acceptance and gratitude for current being.

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