Honoring Diversity

In life we have to work with the diversity of those surrounding us – and also their different approaches, mind-set, behaviour’s and ways of being. It is each and everyone’s human right (as long there is no harm done) to be the best YOU that you can be. However this diversity can lead to those testing your tolerance.  How can we achieve tolerance for things in that occur in our current lives? These are those who;

  1. approach things at a different rate

  2. think differently to you

  3. have aspects that may feel a little discordant to you for whatever reason

They way to tolerate is to accept the differences within YOU. Think about it, if you are feeling as though another is vastly different to you, then of course they may feel the same way about you. You choose what battles you will face head-on – and when you choose to stand down- with it comes sacrifice because although your human self wants to respond fiercely, however the Soul spark that lies within you knows you will be happier – for some situations – if you just release and not buy into the difference.

Other reasons why people strike cords that are not necessarily pleasant is because we are being reminded of aspects of Self that we would rather not face – so take time to ask yourself ‘ why am I feeling this way? Is it out of character? Are there  characteristic’s of the person or situation that reminds you of your own faults. No one is perfect which we understand, but not often do we want to be reminded of it!  It is like many of us are not that keen at looking into a mirror! Well we do it EVERY day with every perceived aspect of our life visuals and actions.

Sometimes we get shown what it is that we need to make peace with – that people are the way they are – and sometimes it is secondary to WHO they are – rather than – ‘why’ they are. There is an important difference. We can love them but not their behavior’s.

Tolerance stems from accepting all facets of Self and agreeing that facets of others is them honoring their way ‘without thought of you’. This is not Selfish for most people, it is Self honoring – and if their behavior encroaches on your freedom of choice – then step back and away from the behavior until it matches your chosen preference.

Breathe deeply when diversity leads to conflict – needing tolerance to allow and release that which does not resonate. Remember that diversity is needed for Humanities survival. How boring would the world be if we were all the same!

I cannot stress strongly enough to each and everyone of you  – to remain in your own way of being, do not compare or copy yourself to others because it is vital that our planet has diversity in all its glory. This creates amazing shifts at many levels needed for our planet and humanity as a whole. Yes even those vibrational energies that feel chaotic or cause disruption. This leads to change – preferably positive. So please remain in YOUR Truest state to ensure a healthy planetary balance for Mother Earth and Humankind. Practical Everyone has their own gift to provide to their planet, which in turn balances Universal and Source energies so in this activity – we want you to ‘draw’ either on a piece of paper or in the space in front of you [finger air drawing ha ha] a symbolic representation of “Awareness”.

Try not to over-think the process but remember, all you need to do is put your finger (or pen] ready and draw – what is the first symbol that you think of – that is what it is you need to draw.

The variety of symbols need to be created to ensure that humanity and the beautiful planet creates its oneness amongst its diversity. Brings its own colorful metaphor ; color , song , vibration –  to create such a beautiful symphonic collective masterpiece. You can do this practical with Similar words such as

  1. Existence

  2. Understanding

  3. Soul

  4. Human

  5. Love

  6. Balance

 I asked the people of a online development group I run to share how they would represent the term ‘Existence’ and the amazing array of energies I felt from their beautiful diversity was something to embrace and admire. We are honored to be amongst amazing like-minded individuals but those who are not quite like you – wow – it does not matter – it just allows our beautiful planet to be rich and full of such vibrational masterpieces.

Have a beautiful week Being YOU!

Phoenix Paton©

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