Freedom through Awareness

Everyone has a choice to be open, or closed to the spiritual development and growth that is offered to every single living being on your planet. Yes they will experience the rippling effect of the vibrational shifts that people will be experiencing but you will notice that their responses will not always be an open and loving way.

You will get those incredibly resistant to the changes that are occurring around them and this is not only at an individual level, but also at a global level as well. There will be unrest for those people in power and they will attempt to control the masses in ways that will try to maintain the social expectations but that is the way of the old and is why you are seeing people rising up to meet those expectations head on and not wanting to conform any longer.

This will be unsettling not only for the people but also for those embracing the spiritual aspect of themselves for they will find it very challenging to be part of such negative vibrational energy.

The best thing to do for those who are not quite there yet is to learn to adapt to a healthy response to the things occurring around you while still maintaining the inner calmness that you are all very deserving of having.

Eventually those who are not quite aware and open will start to sense that there is something more which is why humanity are shifting at various times – some are going to serve to assist people along the way as they to embrace the amazing changes that is occurring at all levels around you


Expectations of how others must act and be can cause us so much challenge can it not? Do you think it is right that we have such expectation of others? How do we truly feel when they do not meet them? Do we like this feeling?

Today take notice of how you respond to those whom you have expectations of when they meet them, when they do not.

Then ask yourself ” Do I like how I feel?  Do I like how I responded? Why do I respond and feel this way? Is it fair to others to have such an expectation?”

The more you become aware of your expectations of others, and how you respond when they do or do not meet them – you soon realise that everyone has the right to do things naturally and if it does not meet your expectation at the time, then it essentially makes you feel off balance.

The more your practice this, the easier it is to see the lesson in the action/situation that you find yourself in with others.


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