Exploring the gifts among the challenge

The way to cope with challenge without supreme effort – is just to take a deep breath, accept and ‘make the most of it’. Everyone spends way too much energy on regret and strong negative emotions such as anger, and blame and frustration… those types of energy just add more chaos to a situation that could be easily brought back down into the first Dot on the page to rethink and re-strategise a preferred NOW moment

Even the supposed bad times – brings beautiful flavour to a possible amazing experience

It is hard to see this through human eyes – much easier to view through Soul


Universal Perspective: Lesson Ten: Positive Forward Momentum: Section C: Activity 5


You are given an opportunity that is going to allow you to reach your highest potential! It is gift wrapped with the ultimate outcome that you could possibly want. It’s sitting on the table and you are asked to reach for it – for it is all yours, completely individualized for you for your highest good. Yes it is going to change your life as you know it for there will be no turning back. How are you feeling?

Can you feel any counter-measures in walking forward and taking the life package?

What are the pros/cons of taking the package?

As you walk towards it – people stand in your way – telling you that you are not ready, that you have more to do before going for it…

What is your response?

What do you do next when you are told that the gift is about to disappear?

Describe your thoughts and emotions.

Please ponder the question before continuing


Being told that the world is my oyster and within my grasp is rather stressful to even contemplate because deep down I know that things will change as soon as I move into a space of receptive potential. I do wonder what types of demands will be placed on me knowing the demands that is currently already weighing me down.

I question what Success and moving forward would look like, because currently I know the ins and outs of my life – if I become known to the world and my concepts adopted can many layers of who I am move with the change in a positive way or will I fall into some of the traps of Ego and money focus like I have witnessed others do?

To be honest, my resistance revolves around the changes that would mostly occur within me. I have seen how the universe has wrapped me around with people who are very grounding for me, who call me up if I overstep not to mention the stares that I receive from those close when they know that I am spouting through a whole in my mouth a lot of codswallop wallop (not that I am fan of doing that but who knows what happens when in the limelight huh?)

It does excitement me, the thought of things coming into my life that brings positive change for myself and in time for my family. When independently wealthy I do not have to be concerned about day to day living – feeding the family, paying the bills. I do not have to work myself to the bone just to save for a rainy day or even just survive a rainy day. It excites me getting my messages out there – well – the messages I receive by the amazing people that I work with. Bringing a gentle understanding of the bigger picture of Human Soul experiences.

Although currently I think I am the only one that is getting in the way of this ‘package’ laughs but if others did it would truly make me want it more – I fight for what I know is right or needed especially for the good of others. Not so good at it for my own needs, but I do not generally like being told I cannot do something, or that I am not good enough. I can imagine others may use that as an excuse not to proceed, and perhaps even believe what others say. I am blessed enough to have a calm understanding of the dynamic of the human psyche especially with regard to what I have shared in my life so my confidence is pretty set. People are allowed their opinions but it does not mean I need to buy into it.

The only time It would appear that I am listening to others is if I am using them as an excuse but deep down I know better than that. If someone then said the opportunity was about to be lost I would be all in at a 200% rate and ensure that I do complete and try at least. I would have zero expectation regarding the outcome. I know deep down that I need to get all my books written before I transition – so one down four plus to go laughs.

I look forward in being allowed to be all that I know that I need to be so that I may be comfortable in my role as the ‘Show-er of the Way’ – something that I was informed of about in 2005. I have done this from a small capacity but I know I am meant to take it globally. Sooo bring on the the table – bring on the wrapped potential for me to unpack – so that I may walk my truest walk surrendering to its dream opportunity and abundant giving.

Phoenix and Cheron ©

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