Essence of Confusion


Wondering why the essence of confusion can be so overwhelming? That is because your energy becomes scattered without direction which leads to vastness of potential .When you can focus – once you have acknowledged the chaos – when you have accepted the overwhelming emotions – THEN – you will see your way clearly .

Most of the time it is because you are not accepting that you feel so unsettled – accept – and allow – and then you will find that things start to come into focus It is like setting up a camera – and initially it is WAYYYY out of focus – things are blurring, you really cannot make out what you are seeing – you cannot determine the structure of the objects let alone the color of them. As you slowly bring things into focus then you start to see the form and shape of the things before you .



There can be many things going on at once, how do you manage to prioritise and bring things into a realistic manageable state?

How do you keep yourself calm when things start to overwhelm and take you into a potential place of ‘running around like a chicken with their head cut off?’

Universal Perspective: Lesson Ten: Positive Forward Momentum: Section A: Activity 4

Please ponder before continuing

This has been one of my biggest lessons in life, and that is staying in a calm controlled emotional state and not pulling my hair out! I generally have many things going on at once ; on a grandeur scale I am usually having the time of my life, on a individual small scale people do wonder just how I manage to fit everything that I do into a small segment within a 24 hour period. Truth be told, some of the time I am with them, but you know what? I just do it – I do not think about it and especially if I am managing to balance what I have to do with what I desire to do. I have found that I am a lot more settled if I have finally made peace with the fact that I have to work full time currently as a registered nurse – for now… Yet I am also finding that although my human work life has increased, so has my spiritual life and to be honest – this is absolutely fantastic. It has made coping a whole lot easier so I really do highly recommend it. We can honor all parts of ourselves by doing the things we love and focus more on that, rather the grind that we experience by doing our daily work.

Gratitude for what is overwhelming me can also help my emotions to remain in check so that I do not always need to throw my hands up in the air in disgust, frustration or just plain emotional wreckage. Now I can have human tantrums – I most likely will do this again for I am a human being filled with Spiritual growth and one cannot occur without the other. However, I do prefer to do things calmly and without stress especially when I know that I need to complete a task that ultimately I am enjoying. I then try to find the time within the chaos where I am grateful for the people/situations that are causing delays, the lesson that I will gather from it and pushing through to get to the other side and having a progressive outcome.

ocean at night

Those moments when completely confused is when I need to step back and see things from a different perspective, for it is the only way that I can take my wild emotions out of the situation. If my egomind is telling me that someone is doing something ‘to’ me, then I really need to take a good hard look at myself. Sigh – not always easy – but it is the only way that I can stay above the human emotional rollercoaster that threatens to drown me from time to time. So I stop, take a deeep breath, recognise what is truly going on here and then respond in ways that make me feel good. As long I can hit the ‘stop’ button before my Gemini brain, emotion and mouth gets in the way!

Realisation, also, that life is fluid and constantly changing and moving, and the knowing that the chaos will ebb and fade is another way that I have learned to cope with the stressors in life. The trick is to recognise all these concepts in the midst of organised chaos now therein likes the need to practice and realise that everything will soon change to a place that you prefer especially if you focus on it. Im not saying being positive and everything will then be perfectly alright. Life is life and we need the diverse experience to remain interested, however how long you remain the crazy chaos is entirely up to how much you play in it – orrrr – just smile nod and do what you wish to do in your way. Confusion be damned *smiles

Phoenix and Cheron©

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