Energy as a Healing Tool.

Energy goes where energy knows and with all healing aspects, whether you just do it for fun with family, or are a practitioner in healing, you will be working with a form of energy directing it in ways based on the type of focus and way you were ‘taught’

Some healing involves intricate processes and symbols, along with rules and pathways to take, but all healing involves the agreement between two parties to allow a healing shift to take place in many ways. This is why there is a huge spiritual healing modality available for people to explore and use.

Energy healing works on a disruption of energy flow occuring within a person that is resulting in an emotional, physical, spiritual or even psychological shift causing dis-ease in some. Intention of outcome is the powerful key to enabling a person to create the change within via the healer to bring about a healthy way of being – energetically – thus influencing the changes spiritually, physical emotionally and psychologically.

Most of the time healers will be using their hands – either with a hands off or on approach or a mix of both. Their hands can be still or move over a body scanning for shifts in energy, and then there are others when energy appears stagnant, will sweep or smooth their hands to allow the energy flow to improve in certain areas.

Some healers bring in other tools to assist with their healing approach – such as crystals, feathers, incense, bells, rocks, drums, songs , mantra , and even clapping to name just a few. I do not think there is any limitation at the types of tools you are drawn to with regard to healing, however I do believe that intention for each is important with regard to what its role is in the healing process.

Healers have the beauty of allowing Spirit or Source Healers to work through them and become comfortable with this process with their clients. Most of the time Healers are the conduit for which healing energy flows. If you are a healer yourself and finding yourself getting exhausted after each client , then you need to stop using your own energy and tap into the Energy that is abundant from Source / Universal so that you can work your magick and yet still be absolutely energetically perfect yourself.

I have noticed some healers that get increasing headaches, or find themselves getting sick and the reason why that is because healers are naturally giving people, however you are doing no one a favour if you are taking your clients ‘stuff’ and making it your own – you have a choice, to deflect and send that energy away from both of you – OR you can transmute through intention and thought into an energy that can be used for good. Once again intention is the key here… so go with what feels right. Some energy should be dispersed into mother earth or into space – other energy can be transmuted – go with your instinct here.

With regard to choosing the right Energy healer for you – then go with each with the intention that only that which is good for you be right for you at the time. I have had many experiences where I become very unwell after spending time with a healer – perhaps we were coming from a different vibrational frequency – or their modality did just not sit right for me so I have become very – choosey when it comes to who I go too. And you have a right to be the same as well. You will know what feels right for you at the time.

Phoenix Paton©

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