Embrace the Duality within you!!

Not sure about you lovelies, but I am feeling extremely Gemini today OR I am just embracing all that is me – that lies with this little body hahaa!

***Spoiler alert – I am not all sweetness n light here haha***

Yes I am light and I prefer to embrace aspects of this to ensure that I help others see their potential and amazing things that they can show the world.

However I am Shadow – I do know what can destroy, manipulate and bring people to their knees if I choose too.

But here is the rub – I do not want to! It is simple as that but anyone that believes that they are nothing BUT light or nothing BUT shadow – I question their sincerity.

I challenge everyone that we can harness the strengths of both – and yes within the Shadow there can come strengths ( feel free to discern).

In Light space – and I am just going to call it that for it seems to be the catch phrase of the decade heehee – but you can find calm , peace , love ,joy , excitement , beauty, understanding , clarity , wisdom, etc etc wow this goes on

In Shadow – you can find strength , motivation , consequence , discovery, understanding the human condition , powerful expression , Self , Knowledge that with destruction comes new beginnings.

With each there are weaknesses

Light – complacency, disconnection, egoism, Forgetting the human within you, Trust to easily (not always a weakness but), giving away your power to easily, unrealisism

Shadow – Easily lead to conspiracy and dark thoughts, Selfish, isolation, superiority, strong negative emotions dictating life,

However Together – when you Embrace the Duality within you!! you can have more of the strengths and less of the weakness. It is the denial of one or the other that people get lost and chaotic, confused and unclear.

Embracing your LightShadow can allow you to have

  1. Purest holistic connection of Heart and Mind

  2. Strong discernment of Human and Soul

  3. Allow the potential in all things regardless of how it appears creative or destructive on the surface

  4. Empowerment without need for controlling others, or allowing others to control you

  5. The ability to connect regardless of what is going on your life!

  6. The beauty in balancing the Dance of life

  7. Being able to walk tall without concern of how you are judged!

wow I could go on here – but your thoughts are greatly encouraged hehe

Love you all!


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