Dynamics of Diverse Incarnation

You may wonder why then, if you have had a life of challenge, abuse, negative experiences that you know in your human physical body you would never wish on another, the reason for allowing this to happen. From the various lives you have had, you have been living a truly blissful state, you have also experience a horrific state of existence, and the variations of this in between, to get an understanding of all facets of human existence. You have been pure goodness, you have been pure shadow. But this has and will allow your Higher soul the experience for all that is needed to raise its knowledge, its awareness into the higher realms of reality, understanding, existence, and enlightenment.

As your vibrational existence within the human body rises then it allows you connection to all realms, dimensions and understanding from a conscious knowing aspect. You will be ready to share in the knowledge as you move into the Higher self and Akashic connections and the veil will be lifted to allow you see some of what is out there for you in your current incarnation.

Many of you are placed on the Earth now to Heal, Teach, Guide, Support, Care but ultimately to Love unconditionally and will be going to through great change to attain those levels of Purest understanding and Purest Love. It is time for you to do the work that is needed for the Light beings on the planet so that you may all be ready to move forward in the evolutionary period that will encompass Humanity.

This is the beginning and many are going to be resistant, but also many will be coming forward and letting you all know what is needed NOW.

Cheron , Channeled partner of Phoenix Paton

Reflection to Realisation: Lesson One : Fully embracing your Soul having a human experience: Section A: Activity Three

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