Determining the Synchronistic message

It is all well and good watching for the signs, how many times must they show you, if you are not going to act? As we briefly mentioned, is it because people choose not too? (Based on conditioning and just how aware they are) – Or – how strong their perceived intent is? Sometimes the numbers people see – are just that – numbers and therein lies the puzzle -determining signs, and determining life and coincidence – thing is – do you believe in coincidence?



We certainly do gather a lot of information in our daily lives. How do you determine what is important and what is not? Do you get caught up in the potential for answers that surround us or do you just enjoy the experiences as they happen?

Please ponder this question before continuing

I used to get very excited with all the synchronistic messages that I received in my day and I still acknowledge them but not as much as I used to. When something is noticed and it pulls on my heart or intuitive strings that I do attempt to discover if it is important or not. Most of the time it is just validation for inner questions that I have for daily life queries. When I am moving into new endeavors which I am nervous about, then I am more likely to research my many messages that I can receive in a day.

There is a huge paralysis in analysis though, and I see many people attempt to make sense of the intuitive signs that we receive and much of the time it is just a coincidental happenstance to tease us. It is not always a lesson, or an epiphany for action or validation to proceed or remain, but that powerful repeating of a sign that attempts to trip you up to notice it is purely there to give you greater insight. You still have the choice to act on it or not – freedom of will – in all parts of this.

There is a fine line between seeing what we want to see to validate what it is that we wish to see manifested. Logically, you will find that scientists also do this as they perform their intricate experience and really only acknowledging that which fits in their known model of science or premise. We do this on a daily basis ourselves just to give us courage to continue. There is absolutely no reason why this is a bad thing, however we really need to assess the situation with 360-degree eyes, rather than 90 or 180 degrees. This is not always easy to do when we want a certain outcome. The trick here is to learn to stop focusing on outcome, and look at the experiments as you move towards that outcome. In there you will find your truest treasures and signs of what it is that you need to embrace or perceive.

Cheron, channeled partner of Phoenix Paton©

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