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The challenge of most humans is to realise their truth , their ability to bring in line their desires with their focused intent. When those who manage to do this – and has been titled power of intention or attraction- then the co-joining of intent and truth allows all around them to manifest according to their perfect state.

Perfection may feel as though it is impossible for people to reach however it is all based on how you define perfection. Do you define it based on what you are seeing others achieve OR do you define it based on what makes you feel that perfect life/heart balance

As you determine what it is that you are meant to do from moment to moment – then you are able to do so with absolute clarity and ease. If you stay in your perfect moment, then you do not concern yourself about the past, nor do you worry about your future, because although it is nice sometimes to think about both, neither are relevant to what is going on around you right now at this moment

Allow yourself the chance to reach forward in your way, without comparison to others, allow yourself the ability to use what is at your disposal because all tools that are around you right now are there because we want to help you, those that surround you from the Source plane do so for your highest benefit. It is important for you to start to act and listen in your way.

Do not concern yourself with doing – just allow yourself that ‘being’ state that keeps you in the Now moment. This way you are more likely to listen to all of the life and soul messages that surround you !

Intent – stated desire from a place of pure heart

Truth – that inner realisation of You

When those two come together then you allow yourself to be ready – to receive the universal manifestation that is created from the pure intent.

The tools around you in life that assist you, are things like –

The symbolic representation of your Now moment .

Other things are the relationships that you are finding yourself in

Patterned situations and behaviours that you do or do not like – are reminders of your freedom of choice

Frequency of regular thought and message – as you have called synchronicity – they are screaming and yes ha ha screaming to be noticed – so please do – and do not allow the egomind to define but allow the perfect heartsong to bring clarity into the Source signals.

No matter how new, or different situations that you may find yourself in – remember this – you are here for a reason and you are truly ready. Let doubts be cast aside and trust in the process so you can reach your progress. Take a moment each time you are exposed to new things or given opportunities that you humanly believe exceeds your capabilities – KNOW THIS – The offer is there – because YOU are there!

Somewhere along the line you have asked for this – which is a reminder that you are the creator and take full responsibility for all that comes and goes in life. So find the Treasure in the each moment.

If you find that you get overwhelmed or your emotions get the better of you – Stop, recognise, breathe , Know , respond. You can do this – stop being so hard on yourself for when you are then you are only causing harm to you.

You would not allow another to do this to you , so why do you do it to yourself. Something that many on your planet need to remember.

We hope that you just relax as you move into stronger and new energies – you are all ready for this – those who are not – will ignore or leave.

Cheron, channeled partner of Phoenix Paton©

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