Conscious Choice

Today is going to teach you how to adopt a conscious choice in to how you consciously act. You have two ways that you can respond – to the emotion that is soaring within you that wishes to act based on thought, or not. Remember how it is you wish to feel. If you are feeling joyful, happy, content, then express that because it stimulates more joy, more happiness etc. However if a situation has you feeling  sadness, stress, anger, loneliness – all very strong emotions that I personally do not feel comfortable with I choose two avenues of action.

Remain within the strong emotion to feel what needs to be felt but accept this decision with peace

Remove yourself from the situation that stimulates the emotion until you are ready to experience the situation minus the strong emotions that has you responding in ways that you do not like.

It really is as simple as that. Choosing with peace. Remembering the state that you really do prefer to remain in. This, once again takes practice because we are conditioned to feel/respond a certain way- even from birth.

Sometimes it feels as though you are having a two way conversation with Self – and in a way you are – Your human Self, and your Soul Self. Allow them to work together to compromise and find peace in the situation(s)

You are all amazing shining beings of various spectrum’s of light and together we collectively come together to bring illusion into reality , Clarity into vision, Understanding to transform you into realising that you are something MORE than. You are receiving messages from different origins not of this planet to help bring us all together regardless of ways of life, color of skin, gender, preferences of choice of being. Sure with this comes changes of thinking but this is for the greater good of humanity and is needed to help bring Love – pure Love into all of our hearts. You hold within your hands – each and every one of you – the chance to put a thought out into the universe to create the very things that we need for Humanity as a race to survive. Go within to determine what you wish to see around you – and then nurture that thought with Pure love, Pure excitement, Pure Bliss.

Once again in doing all this you start to see the truth for how it is – your own because you are shifting your conscious thought to embrace the things you want. How you express your truth is up to you. You can do it through your actions, you can show it through how you communicate with others. When you bring your Truth into Light – then you will soon see that there are so many others that have a similar path, a similar destiny on this human journey.

As the masks come away then you start walking forward with your head and heart high – embracing all that comes with gratitude and most importantly – LOVE  ❤

Phoenix Paton©

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