Clarity comes from quiet assessment not chaotic desperation

ocean at night

Use the analogy of painting , the simple strokes on a canvas , allowing you to put together a beautiful masterpiece – life can be like that – yet you attempt to put too much on to that canvas.

simplify , simplify , simplify.

With each stroke you allow the dynamics to change – you are the welder of the paint brush so yes you control the outcome of what you see around you. Ensure that you ‘paint’ from the heart, rather than the head – for it is the head that brings in the complexities of life in an attempt to ‘make it work’ however if you just allow the simplistic version to manifest – then you will see much more clearly , feel more calmly , express a lot easily , be able to explain why – in more detail and the chance to learn the freedom of choice in the process .

There are so many who are questioning their purpose – there are those who are lost and wondering where to walk. Why do you not just stop and take a breath, take a look around and if you must – catalog what feels right in your life – and what doesn’t – and those you are unsure of – take a longer look at it. Is it complicating matters? Is it needed? Why have you ‘put it there’ in the first place? What happens if you leave it? What happens if you take it away?


Clarity comes from resting quietly in gentle assessment.

Clarity never comes from chaotic desperation.

Cheron, Phoenix channelled friends

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