Choosing your Shift

There is an exploration at hand at the moment for a great many people and during exploration many things can occur…. First – you can feel a little lost – and you feel the need to get a map out and to find out the quickest and easiest direction that you can get from A to B. We suggest that you put that metaphorical map away (settle your thoughts within your heart space) and allow the freedom to move through your current situation with ease. Everything is transpiring around you to bring that which you need and take away that which you do not. It’s like going out and buying new clothes – but there is a moment when you are exposed, naked and raw to the elements which understandably makes everyone feel vulnerable – but there are many around you – in front – on your sides – behind you – that are ensuring that only that which is true to your intent and passions and thoughts are brought into your visual range of your perception

Soo getting over the first phase can be a little overwhelming – that is when you just let go of holding on to the reigns so tightly. Something we have had to teach Phoenix how to do when life overwhelms her… The next part is moment – where you are unsure which is the next step to day – well about you attempt a different way of moment that you are not used too – sheesh you are in the uncomfy zone already – why not just go up a notch – for we believe you can – otherwise you would not be here… So visualise a way of moment – some may choose to fly – flap their arms ha ha. Others may prefer to astral and allow their ethereal body to explore then allow their physical to remember to ‘catch up’. Almost like playing follow the leader. Some may wish to dig a hole and make a trench – if you do decide to do that lovely then make peace and settle and relax – allowing you to re-energise and bring clarity into your surroundings – light into your space so that you can determine process and emotion. A trench or ‘standing still’ is definitely a progressive state as well (as long as you remember that it is very temporary. Source will only allow you to remain ‘here’ for a defined time) You are moving but more energy is surging around you – rather than you surging around physically. Its okay… For those of you with a scientific mind – you may want to try a dimensional shift and recognise the consciousness of the many ‘you’s’ that you have to experience a moment of inspiration in another’s perception. This shift allows changes within your perceived consciousness that you bring back into your currently viewed ‘now’ – which then inspires you to practice an action of intent similar to another dimensional you to create your change of choice. So you choose how you wish to explore – there are absolutely no limits apart from the ones that you place on yourself.

The other thing with exploration is that you have to observe – now as mentioned before a while ago – you determine if you see with open eyes – that have reality or illusionary glasses on. It is important to observe with Truth and ‘read between the lines’ – so that you can take a moment to view what it is you wish to explore. Observation should always be done with a casual happenstance – rather than with heightened emotions. If you view via your emotions you are only going to see what it is that your emotions wish you to see or even manipulate to see.

The challenging aspect with Observation is that you do not place conditioned thoughts around it. It needs to be done with purity of heart lovelings – so that you can view the world in its pure state. Some if it is wondrous – others is catastrophic – but mostly things are in a constant state of movement and change that what you observe from one moment, can be slightly or greatly altered in another. If you enjoy ‘ people watching ‘ then you will enjoy this aspect of your exploration – if you do not and want to ‘interfere’ you may need to explore the reasons why you feel the need to put in your input. Is it controlling the outcome? Is it wanting to change the path for quicker access to a destination? This brings us to the next phase where you allow the freedom for the energetic change to take you where it needs to go. If you feel resistance within you – point to where that resistance is – if it is within your head – then it is time to quiet the mind with the love via your heart from source

If you point to your heart – then it is important that you release any attachment to things that need to be let go – that it is important to realise that you are more than your human you, but you are a beautiful soul exploring in ways that deserve to be free to reach your highest peak. if you point to your solar plexus – your emotions are ruling the need to be free here. What about being free scares you ? What associated fears and history have you had that has made you resist standing tall – and being your true you? Go gently on yourself here so that you can bring potential in your visual range

If you can imagine a balloon being blown up – and this analogy is going to freak Phoenix ha ha ha for she does not like the idea of things going BANG ha ha – however – as the balloon gets bigger and bigger as people bring forward things that they wish to experience – of course the balloon will eventually POP – but that is because you are about to expand into the next balloon that is taking you further and further open to the universal experience. But of course that moment when things explode – whether you have done this consciously or subconsciously – it can give you a fright and cause thoughts and feelings of ‘omgosh now what’ – allow yourself the chance to bring everything into perspective as new things are allow to fill up the even bigger balloon…as it grows and it expands. This balloon analogy occurs in all conscious beings – and the dance has a lot of similarities of how they feel in between balloons. The best thing to do is that when one balloon pops, that moment of the new balloon expansion to occur is to not do anything but be in your space and move how you feel you need too. Have no expectations except the knowledge that everything is going to be alright

Some of you may wonder why those in war torn countries – do they ever understand these concepts or how do they even apply to them – the thing is – their ‘bang’ of their balloons are bigger and more concentrated and that is why there is organised chaos for a collective group – rather than individual groups in less chaotic countries – we hope that makes sense – Phoenix just asked us that.

So freedom and exploration is something that almost all are being placed in at this time – even though some feel as though their liberties and freedom is being squandered away – but this is why some political leaders are scrambling to prevent peoples freedom because they sense the huge global shift to work in truth rather than illusion. Of course there is a lot of resistance – but they need to refer to the above to determine why.

So as you explore – and move through the dance of your life – especially during times of challenge – it is best to ensure that you allow the opportunities to come into your life freely

The way to do that is once again notice your signs of resistance – this involves brutal honesty indeed – for we are so very good at fooling ourselves and making excuses aren’t we not yes ?

Being of Truth – means yes you too have to bring down a certain aspect of yourself that you allow the world to see, and show the world the Rawest part of you. That are infallible – they do not know everything and that you can make mistakes. There are Ego’s out there that would struggle to do this -even those who are self proclaimed ‘enlightened’ ahem – people. Sorry we have challenge with catch phrases that come and go like the wind – but you know what we mean there. All you can change is You but when you do that the rest of the world around you changes to allow that to match what you are inner-expressing.

Phoenix and Cheron written in 2017 but very true to 2020

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