Being aware of your Life’s Dance


Oh, now therein lies a good question and the hardest challenge for you to make – “is taking notice, becoming aware of the dance”

Ask yourself – is your default setting or personality making you happy – yes/no

If you could change your default setting / personality – would you ? yes/no

If you are not aware of the dance – then how can you choose the right music to dance too

Yes we know we are talking in metaphors

If you are not aware – then you will resort back to your default setting



Sooo what is your dance? How would you answer Cheron’s questions? How do you increase your total awareness of how you move through life? What level of awareness are you comfortable with?

Universal Perspective: Lesson Ten: Positive Forward Momentum: Section B: Activity 1

Please ponder the question before continuing

I believe that there is something in my life that is based on abundance and the balance of that because I am always finding that I am having to make peace with certain situations that have me as a sole income earner. My beautiful man who finds temporary jobs can never seem to make them turn into permanent. He had some things to work on within himself, alongside me making peace in the belief that everything is going to be alright and I now truly believe that we are on target!

The Gemini mind of mine has mini-discussion about this *laughs* hope vs realism and to be honest I do prefer to know that all is well! Lately, I have had this inner calm about finances which is not like me at all for I like to ensure all is prepared and organized. This time, I just knew that all was well and perhaps the repeating moments of being sole earner was teaching me to ‘Trust’ and now I do. Plus, I also had to step out of the way of the manifesting energies so that they could do the right things needed for me. Things that I could even think through and my thoughts were truly getting in the way.

I have a huge diverse family – as mentioned in my first book ‘Inner Discovery’. I was raised by grandparents, called them mum and dad. Sisters were aunties, Uncles were Brothers and I was blessed to be loved by many. Their daughter had more children so I had more siblings *laughs*. Then I met my biological father who also had three more children so wow! Oldest of many but raised alone. I do not generally think about this much because I do consider myself blessed even though I do not have the conventional family definition.

Why did this occur in this lifetime? Titles and places of people in lives are not important because it is the love you hold for them, and what they have for you that brings a sense of belonging. I now find myself surrounded by beautiful people I call ‘friends’, something I also did not have a lot of but did not need in my younger years because of all my siblings *laughs*. Although I had such diverse upbringing, I always felt like I belonged somewhere and was never alone which brings me to my third key aspect in life.

I can count on one hand how many times that I am physically alone. There is always someone around me! In the last five years being surrounded constantly has had me want to push people away to let me have a breather. However, being a mother of five, and having a loving partner in life I have learned to work around it. Why is that in my life? I believe this is because, in many of my other lives, I was very much alone both physically, emotionally and even psychologically. This time I needed to experience the polar opposite! Interesting though, there was one time being completely surrounded that I felt isolated and alone. How is that for a twist in Soul experience?

Abundance, Family, and Companionship – and the dance surrounding this to ensure a positive approach rather than a challenging one. Not always easy to remain positive in life is it when you feel as though from a human perspective you are kicked to the curb – HOWEVER – definitely have now embraced all that life wants to provide me and my family.

We are the creators of our lives, we allow things, we prevent things however awareness of this helps us learn how to see the bigger picture rather than get immersed in the emotional ride thinking that we have minimal control. Take notice and then according to your choices, act in your way.

©Cheron, channeled partner of Phoenix Paton

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