Be the Masterpiece of your Existence


There is much happening – can you feel the energies around you – they are spectacularly beautiful – if only you could see the spectrum that is your planet from our perspective – it is such a beautiful masterpiece beyond belief – but also all you need do is reach and touch to become part of the creator of this masterpiece.

And the song for your planet at the moment is very harmonic at the moment in some areas of your planet – and it is important that as many people tap into that harmony to create more – like a snowball effect – or the vibrations that flow out within a pond as a stone is cast into it

All you need to do is put your finger up and draw – what is the first symbol that you think of – that is what it is you need to draw – because the variety of symbols need to be created to ensure that humanity and your beautiful planet creates its oneness amongst its diversity

color , song , vibration – such a beautiful symphonic masterpiece

so vibrant – so victorious – filled with so much potential that many of you still turn away from – it is time to ask yourself why

Bring your vision back into reality – see what you normally do not see by just saying NOW

Cheron – channeled partner of Phoenix Paton

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