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It is all down to the allowance factor – choice seems to be a word that many people resist by saying – I have no choice – and that’s the end of the matter – but if you focus on the allowance factor – then you may find that you have a natural opening up effect That is fine – the energies that flow you all right now can leave some with many questions – but not quite sure what to focus on for the answers .


Universal Perspective: Lesson Ten: Positive Forward Momentum: Section B: Activity 6

Question: (note some people are not good at visualization so how does it make you feel)

How would you visualise/feel – ‘Allowance’? How would you visualise/feel – ‘Resistance’? How do you promote one over the other with the use of this visualisation? What things do you do in life that promote positive manifestation?

Please ponder the above question before continuing

I have found the last few weeks , although I have been extremely busy with doing readings for people , participating in group activity where I live and online, plus working more at the hospital than usual with less time off in between, my awareness and connection has been very strong. Back in times of old, when things got overwhelming on many levels, I would pull away from one of those things mentioned, even though each define me in some way. Now, I know that all parts of me are important to remain in sync so that I can incorporate all the good things from each that make me feel whole. I have allowed all the demands to be made on me, yet transmute them into positive stressors rather than negative ones.

When I used to resist these things then I felt very emotional with not nice energies of frustration, annoyance , self-pity (at times yes feeling sorry for myself. That one was of the worst) and anger (my least favourite). So then I found that I became someone that I did not particularly like. As my man often would say during these times, ” How can be all spiritual ‘and that’ when I was saying and doing the things that I was. He was right to a degree however at the end of the day I am human and I had to learn to adjust positively to the demands made on me from time to time.

Essentially I have made peace with the fact that I will be the primary bread winner in life until I retire. I have made peace that I will be juggling 5 things at once. I have made peace that time for myself is limited but to honor my time when I have it. I have also stopped feeling guilty when asking for moments to myself. I know this has made me a better person and able to create the allowance of peace with all things that occur around me and for me.

For me to visualize or feel as though I was ‘allowing’ – I would be open , like a warm embrace, definitely that peace sensation, as well as the carrier wave of excitement. With allowance generally comes positive gifts and change and I am all for that! It would be seen like a ray of sunshine that brings clarity into most things that I was involved with at the time. Ultimately – that sounds pretty awesome right?

For me to visualize or feel as though I was resisting – that would be like a closed off feeling where I felt tight, nervous , on edge. Like I was ‘less than’ – diminishing my potential – putting out the flame of passion that wants to build but implodes and it can feel very uncomfortable which generates emotions based around that discomfort. It does feel like a punishment even though from a human perspective in resisting something it should feel like a protective mechanism yet it almost borders on self harming when you really get into the understanding of it. I have learned to ask myself ‘why am I doing that?’

When you let go of holding back with resistance, the flood gates open and it feels like a huge surrender and release and certainly takes a whole lot less energy to open embrace rather than to hold tightly back. Like a blissful orgasmic energy surge that allows you to see the expansive journey ahead if you just surrender to all that the Universe wants to provide for you. How many times have some of you heard the smack of a hand on a forehead as your Spirit team watches over you, even though they place opportunity and ideas on your life journey? *puts hand up high*, Yes, I am very sure I have heard that a few times. So I have learned that I like the energy of allowance versus the energy of resistance 10 fold so in that understanding and awareness, that is how I tend to chose allowance mostly.

One of the key things I do now, to ensure that I remain on target of positive manifestation is to get out of my head, and stop getting in the way of universal planning and organising when from a higher source, they have it all in hand. My control-freakedness has lessened in this respect, but the way I have to work with that is by forgetting how my dreams manifest but know that they will. That takes a lot of practice and constant reminders of ‘Phoenix, you are getting in the way here – relaxxx’. Sound too simple? Well surrendering control is never simple but that is how it should be. You will be very surprised how things manifest around you and most likely not how you envisioned it.

Phoenix and Cheron© 2019

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