A Practical approach towards your Dreams

Purpose is for the Soul

With many things in life it takes courage, patience and the ability to take stock of everything that is going on around you so that you may see both sides of any situation. With the duality of life there is Dark and there is Light and when you explore both avenues you soon see the strengths and learning needs of both. It is important to harness the energies that you have available to you.

Dualities such as Human and Soul, Light and Dark, Yes and No, Destruction and Creation – all these aspects lay within you and it is important to harness that which from either part – which leads you towards your highest potential.

This takes time, practice and yes my lovelies some effort. If things have not been flowing well for you – ask yourself ” What avenue of Self am I not honoring” – and it may be revealed from your Shadow or Light side.

Each states of ‘You’ has fascinating things to reveal – looking within and without reminds you of the differences. Also shows you that all you can change is Self – but expectation on others is unfair to their journey. In time you will make peace with this and lose all external expectation. You create your reality and to do so you need to establish which shifts you want to see occurring.

This is not a race – nor is it a test – it just is what it is so be gentle and patient with yourself as your HumanSoul reveals just how perfect you are!

If there is something that you truly wish to do or achieve or try, why do you stop yourself from doing so? Is it because the task appears so overwhelming? Then what you need to do is turn it into sequence of events…. start off writing what it is you wish to achieve as though it has already happened.

for me it would be “Have written a successful Realisation to Reflection book and program that has been embraced globally” [insert your own here]

Then start putting down underneath that all that you believe needs to be put in place so that you can do easily. Then prioritise by numbering

ie for me

  1. Write the content

  2. Find editor/publisher

  3. Effective Marketing

  4. Introduce locally / nationally / globally

(I have made this succinct for now but there is more subsections to my list)

[insert your numbered list here]

Then start at number one. Be vigilant because as soon as you have completed the one you know that it is going to lead on to the next, then the next and the next and by the time you realise it – you are THERE !!!

Do not let the burden of how much there is to do in its totality overwhelm you. When you break it down into parts then it all starts to come together.

Not to mention that as you do so you start bringing in to your project those who are going to help make it strong either with ideas , people networking , environment etc.

You wil be supported along the way as long as you give yourself the chance to realise that you need not do all things at once, just tackle them one thing at a time.

Have an amazing week lovelies

Phoenix Paton©

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