2016 : Time of Undiscovered Territories

The energies of 2016 have caught a great many unawares – and there are those who are extremely excited, those who are extremely wary – those who are not sure what is going on but they are feeling the momentum for change in some way – but can fear it or embrace it in their own way

But since the energy surges from 2012 there are more aware now than there ever has been and that is cascading into a huge awareness snowball so to speak, that is encourage a great many others to investigate more into Life’s experiences and challenges

Take a moment to settle into this year’s energies lovelies and ask yourself “Where do I want to be?”

If you answer – ‘well I want to be doing A B C or D’– then ask yourself why you are not there? Then do things accordingly to match.

If you answer – ‘I am stuck in the past and I no longer wish to be’ – then tell yourself to take the first step forward. Do not think the bigger picture for that overwhelms a great many – but do sit quietly and prepare yourself to take that first step in your way.

If you answer – ‘I want to BE here and NOW’. Then do so to your most humbleness of abilities – allow people to assist you – allowance is going to be the biggest thing in your year and it is going to be an exciting one HOWEVER – resistance will be your nemesis and to ensure that your nemesis has no control over what it is you are wanting to allow – take notice of your counter measures that stops you. You are worthy and in the here and now because you have done the grounding and the leg work to be here.

What is your answer?

Everything will come into play if you just relax and simplify. All will move around you like a dance and you are going to feel the magical energies that are going to make it so. You need to listen strongly to the messages that are provided for you however listen with your heart – not with your human ears because your human ears move things through your human mind that can sometimes confuse.

The way to listen with your heart is to feel the potential, see the opportunity, regardless if it appears overwhelming, impossible or challenging on the surface. Listen to those repeating POSITIVE thoughts – and if you get negative ones – then perhaps visualise a holding bucket for those to go into , just until your confidence builds and you are able to face those negative thoughts with an open mind and heart combined – to lay the thoughts to rest finally.

Regardless of your thought and where you wish to be in your year ahead – no matter how you walk forward – if you do so with conviction everything will conspire to support you along the way.

The energies right now are extremely creative – and just one thought can and will create the very thing you are focused on so ensure that your focus is on what you want, rather than what you do not want. A repeating message we provide via Phoenix many times. The repeating messages is to outdo the repeating conditioning that you have received externally and for some whom repeat internally. Until you break the conditioning cycle – then you do run the risk of having a patterned behaviour or situation that you prefer not to be in.

2016 is all about flipping everything to one side – to embrace all the uncharted territories that are there waiting and ready to move into – either with ease -through allowance and letting go need for control – or with challenge – because that is how you believe you should experience life – through a variety of challenges.

Oh we hear a great many go – ‘no I do not – I do not think I deserve challenge’ – but why do you think it occurs? What are you not listening to? There is always a underlying message with all situations that you find yourself in. We are not saying to constantly focus on the lesson at hand – your mind will play tricks on you then, what we are saying is to live the best YOU life ever – and this year is the one to do it in.

Self honoring – if you have not already committed too – is a start and the first person that you need to honor you is of course YOU. You cannot expect others to treat you well if you do not. Take notice of the energy of the mind chatter that you provide yourself. If it is uplifting and excited and wishing nothing but the best for you – then oh please listen to this – for we are speaking through you in this way – and when we say WE – we are talking about your soul team, although ha ha – if you wish to communicate with us – we are more than happy to do so and are waiting.

Self Respect is another thing that goes hand in hand with honoring – you cannot have one without the other. So do whatever you need to do to truly love yourself whole heartedly – if you do not then how you can you ever Self Honor? This takes a conscious effort at the start for a great many of you – and if it does – that’s okay – but be aware of your mind chatter for you would not allow a person in your life to speak to you unkindly – so therefore neither should you to yourself.

The next thing is Honoring your Journey. What is it that you are passionate about? Many are asking what their purpose is but many forget to focus on that which that enjoy – that which they love – that which inspires and lifts them up. Your passion in life although may not match Life’s needed vocations to survive – however they can be matched and made as one. We know that many of you doubt this – however it can and will if you just believe it to be so. Some state that do not know what their passion is, however it will be all around them in plain sight – watch – listen – take notice. Many have put blinkers on to their own needs because of life’s demands. However how can you be the best You, if you are not taking notice of your own needs and desires? It is time now to fully embrace all that you desire – and yes – before you even ask – you are ready and worthy of this. If you were not – you would not recall anything that you are happy with.

If you cannot think of one thing that makes you happy – then ask yourself – from the previous question we asked. Where do you want to Be? – ohhh yes we hear ‘ I do not know’ a lot – but many aspects of you KNOW the answer to this – you have just ceased to connect to this answer within you – this year you owe it to yourself to start to find this aspect of your inner wisdom again – if you fall into this category. This year for you is to find your Spark once more – that bounce – the appreciation and gratitude in life. This year for you is all about Gratitude regardless of what is occurring in life. Plus this year for you will be about seeing the opportunity in everything that is in your life – good or bad.

The energies of the time are here for you to discover your highest potential – for that is primarily the reason for why Source is encouraging humanity from the highest degree – and sure some are not going to enjoy the process because it will be a constant reminder of how everything yes EVERYTHING in your life is there because of who YOU are – no one else – you will be reminded that you cannot blame anyone else anymore – for the common denominator in all situations that you find yourself in – is Y . O. U. It is Time to take Life Ownership.

We hear the collective groan – but seriously now – you need to BE the change that you want to be. You cannot place expectation or ownership on to another for if you do you will never gain the experience in life that you want too. It will always be dictated by others and because of that you will always find that you will never quite reach that of your preferred highest choice.

If you have found that you do place ownership on others – then the way to take it back is to have the focused intent to do so. Yes for some there may be some fear and hesitation, because you have never been the driver of your life – but the passenger. Now we are not saying have full control over the driving wheel because remember – that Universe is attempting to match what it is you are putting out into the creative energies – and is doing so from a level of highest understanding. To give you want you need rather than giving you what you want. If it makes you feel comfortable – place the reigns in Universal Source energies symbolic hands. But be ready for a wonderful ride of exploration and new beginnings. Breathe when you feel overwhelmed with coming out of your comfort zone. Remember that you are here right now because you are ready!

There is a generation of people who prefer to remain undiscovered – allow those people to do so because they are happy in their own right and feel in control even though it is an illusion of the highest degree. However either in some time in their current life or another life – they will see how much more than can create by stepping out and in to the reality that they create – rather than the illusion that is created for them by the conditioning of social norm.

Which generation are you? The undiscovered? orrrrrrrrr the one that is open to the amazing discoveries out there both internal and external. There is so much variety and methodology and ways – that you will find things that you did not think possible. Do not allow the limitations of your Human Science, Mind and belief prevent exploration beyond your comprehension.

We understand that some things will not make sense – and if they do not – then place them in a holding bay – so to speak – and then come back to them because rest assured – Universal Source will provide all the pieces of the puzzle to help you see the beautiful master piece of your life time. Now your puzzle may have tiny pieces which you may need to find many, or your puzzle may have large pieces and this is all based on previous discoveries that you have made. Either way – you can do this – you will do this and it is up to you if you finish most of the puzzle in your current perceived life.

But from time to time – you need to recognise your progress – step back and take a look at the master piece that you are creating. What is it that you see? What is it that is a reoccurring symbol in your current discovered life? It will be there – and you can either do this consciously, in dream, in meditation subconsciously OR you can put the intent out there to be shown some hints through synchronicity HOWEVER – you need to take notice – so 2016 is all about taking notice of everything that you can consciously.

We understand how vast a lot of this may appear, as you move into Uncharted Territories in 2016. As you Self Honor, Self-Respect, Honor Your Journey, Take full ownership of life Recognise the Puzzle, Take notice and move into the Undiscovered realm of your purpose.

But you can do this!  We believe in you, now it is time for you too as well!



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