Intuitive Spiritual Development Palmerston North

As we transition into our 4th year in 2020

This group aids in Spiritual awareness, Mediumship, Spiritual connection and development in a Loving, respectful, supportive way.

We are all working towards finding our Light Truth and growing as a Spiritual being in a physical body having a human experience.

Shadow, Ego and Fear are acknowledged but released with support through an increase in awareness leading to Source understanding

Intent: To bring together committed people to support growth, development and alignment in a sharing caring environment no matter where you are on the development spectrum shrouded with LOVE and respect.

Hope to have

  • Eclectic discussions

  • Meditations

  • Spiritual modalities

  • Spiritual Activities and participation


ISD is NOT a reading group - but it is a group full of spiritual beings who are here for their OWN learning need. We will be encouraging a wide variety of activities where you have the choice to participate.

Palmerston North - the Square - ESL rooms









SOULZ - 3rd Thursday of the Month
COLLECTIVE - first Thursday of the Month

7pm – 9:30pm

Intuitive Creatives


Every Four months 


Sundays 1 - 3:30pm @ Phoenix's


Entry Fee $10 for Monthly Groups which you will be placed into one.

$15 - $30 for Intuitive Creatives (subject to task)

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