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Delivered to your Email every month, a spiritually eclectic collection of diverse topics, thought inspiring insights to help you determine your spiritual place in your human world.

Liz Corbeau and Phoenix Paton bring together a rainbow array of information based on the energy of the time. Personally Phoenix believes that much of what we all experience is similar from moment to moment and it is nice to be reminded that we are not alone with the spikes of energy, emotion and humansilly that we experience from time to time. This is a living document so will be added to and changed dependent on the energy of the moment each fortnight.

Discussions include:

  • Identification of Strengths

  • Identification of Passion

  • Identification of Learning needs

  • Working from the Heart

  • Awareness of Social conditioning

  • Trust verification

  • Remembering the Joy

  • Imagination vs Spiritual Reality

  • Living your Truth

  • Vibrational Awareness

  • Living in your chosen Frequency

  • Spiritual Observation

  • Global integration

  • Emotional empowerment

  • Human Soul integration

  • Identifying Source Family

  • Physical representations of Spiritual readiness

And then there is the practical side of spiritual development

  • Walking the Halls of Akasha

  • Awareness of Source Messages

  • Bringing through the Soul Team

  • Identifying your Source Communication

  • Self Meditation

  • Exploring a wide variety of divination tools

and sooo much more. Liz and I are notorious for exploring the bigger picture and challenging people to move through to their potential collaboration of Your human and Soul. 

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