ISD Beginners

Lesson One: Introduction to Intuition and Clairs

  • Introduction to Inuition - YOUR intuition and how to tap in to this with ease

  • Introduction to Clair Abilities - Voyance, Sentience, Tangency, Cognisant, Audient

  • Introduction to your Passion


Lesson Two: Creating your Sacred Space

  • Sacred space and what this means to you

  • Preparing your own Sacred Space



Lesson Three: Basic Protection, Grounding and Empowering

  • Introduction to Basic Protection and Empowerment

  • Grounding

  • Protection

  • Empowerment

  • Prayer of Protection

  • Practical: Understanding and working with your Aura Colors


Lesson Four: Clairvoyance  (seeing)

  • Historical Clairvoyance

  • What is Clairvoyance?

  • Clairvoyance in Life

  • Clairvoyance practical: Visualisation through Candle Light


Lesson Five: Clairsentience  (feeling)

  • Attributes of Clairsentience

  • Clairsentience in Life

  • Clairsentience Practical: Feeling your Inner Vibrational Song



Lesson Six : Claircognisance  (knowing)

  • About Claircognisance

  • Claircognisance in Life

  • Claircognisance Practical - Introduction to Auto Writing


Lesson Seven : Clairaudient (hearing)

  • Clairaudient discussion

  • Clairaudient in Life

  • Clairaudient Practical: Receiving your Message



Lesson Eight: Clairtangency  (touch)

  • The Art of Touch - Definition of Clairtangency

  • Clairtangency and Spiritual Path modalities

  • Clairtangency Pratical - Psychometry 


Lesson Nine: Synchronicity, Signs and Symbols

  • Definition of Synchronicity

  • Universal Signs 

  • Symbolic understanding

  • Synchronicity , Signs, Symbols Practical: Taking Conscious Notice


Lesson Ten: Introduction to Your Soul Life Purpose Potential

  • Sorting the Ego from the Soul

  • Its not Finding , its Remembering

  • Listening to your Heart

  • Practical : Conscious understanding