Intuitive Spiritual Development


Akashic Journey

The walking of the halls, your Soul Library, the Akash connection to your consciousness, discovering your many lives ‘story’ ; essentially connecting to the Souls progression within the many incarnations and Source experience – this is what is the varied definition of connecting to All that is You!     



Anyone can channel, all it takes is INTENTION to connect and awareness of self (meaning taking notice of changes in sensations in body, movements, tingles, goose bumps etc) and also PATIENCE and TRUST.  Patience to understand the sometimes subtle sensations and messages that will come through and of course the big one TRUST in what you feel, write, draw, see or hear.   


Higher Self Connection

From the moment we are incarnated on earth to experience life in all its wonderment, our soul spark that is experiencing this journey is in constant connection to our Higher Self. On incarnation not all of our Soul essence is placed within the physical body. This unique connection between our incarnate and higher self can appear very one sided. It takes time to lift the veil between the two to increase the effectiveness of communication and understanding that is needed for soul progression.


Intuitive Spiritual Development

Welcome to the opportunity to explore your natural abilities that stem from the life you currently live and from others that you participated in. This course is all about remembering, especially with that which comes naturally. I teach with the belief that everything is in plain sight, guiding you to see what you can do with ease. This course is not a tick box, yayy I have done it, course but a stepping stone in allowing you to grow and develop according to the things you enjoy and stem from your passion.



Advanced individual Lessons tba


Past Life connections

Taking a journey into the past is like going for a walk down memory lane, this not just in your mind of your current life, it’s more that you allow previous lives to come forward. Spirit and your team show you what may be needed at the current time to help you either understand why you react, feel or are a certain way. There may also be reasons why you have certain physical or emotional pain and what lessons from previous lifetimes are useful for you to fulfil your highest purpose in your current life.


Inner Discovery

An avenue for those who want to develop and learn aspects of Self, Soul and their current moment that they are in on Earth, within our beautiful reality. 

This will involve much in the way of self-reflection, development, and yes some moments of deep work to discover your highest potential, and your beautiful reflection that shines on the world thus creating your reality accordingly.


Universal Perspective

As we question what we experience and observe, this becomes a dance of Universal perspective that influences us both externally and internally. The Universal Perspective Program allows you to see the bigger picture and how you are part of so much more than what is going on around your immediate moment.

Reflect to Realise; a Universal Perspective reveals how life around you reminds how all your questions are in plain sight, revealed in ways that are cryptic but can be deciphered with a clarity of mind. This allows you a sense of empowered vision beyond what you thought was possible as a spiritual being having a human experience.  There is so much revealing to you the answers to ‘What is’, that as you strengthen yourself ‘within’ with the