Higher Self Connection

Everyone has the ability to tap into their Higher self or consciousness that resides at Source/Heaven. We just need to learn how to listen, feel, hear and Trust. Over the years we have heard our inner voice which may have been disregarded or if you are tune with listening to everything around you, may have been acted on. This inner voice – where do you believe it came from? Within, from our hearts or mind/Ego? Probably. Externally from Source/Heaven? Possibly. Your spirit Guide or a passed loved one? Maybe. The trick is to determining the location of our messages that we receive from many avenues. Once you learn how to distinguish the energies and location of the messages that we receive daily, this will allow you to really come in tune with your Higher self, your Spirit team

The following six week course is going to enhance your awareness to your messages, build trust in yourself, your team, and in the messages given, identification of where these messages come from, teach you how to connect to yours and others Higher self, and also how to pose specific questions to allow you to identify answers to the deepest questions – at soul level.

Lesson One: Learning how you communicate by identifying your strengths.

  • Why you do things the way you do

  • Identification of the ‘Clairs’

  • Spiritual awareness – what do you notice

  • Practical exercise

Lesson Two: Putting your strengths into action

  • Ownership of how you communication

  • Introduction to auto writing

  • Types of Spiritual communication

  • How the vibrational energies can make you feel

  • Practical exercise


Lesson Three: Higher Self connection, saying Hello to Soul

  • Getting to know your Soul at Source

  • Preparation in communication to your Higher Self

  • Receiving a message from your higher Self

  • Processing the information given

  • Practical Exercise


Lesson Four: Understanding Higher Self Connection

  • Vibrational energy used in this connection

  • How Higher Self communication can make you feel

  • Honouring the Message given

  • Boundaries of Higher Self communication

  • Practical Exercise

Lesson Five: Understanding connecting with others Higher Self

  • Gaining permission

  • Connecting with your client

  • Distinguishing between you and your client

  • Troubleshooting and Higher Self connection

  • Practical Exercise

Lesson Six: A Practitioner in Higher Self Connections

  • Tools you may use to help with the Higher self connections

  • Frequently asked questions

  • How to ensure effective communication for you

  • How to ensure effective communication for your Client

  • Practical Exercise


  • 7 lessons sent to you via email

  • Individually managed by You, determining when you continue on to the next lesson, so perfect for those who are juggling life!

  • Involves: Discussion, Videos to watch, Occasional Meditation then Reflection.



  • Enjoy yourself as you discover your connection to your Higher Self

  • Reflections sent back via email (reflecttorealise@gmail.com) to Phoenix

  • Let Phoenix know when you are ready for your next lesson by email +/or payment


  • Pay as you go or as you can afford.

  • Invoice sent to your email

  • Receipt given when complete


  • Support from Phoenix as required

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Able to connect with your own / others H/S