Channeling Course

Welcome to the Channeling course that helps people to discover a new technique of spiritual communication. This will be a journey into the awareness of self, and also how connected to the vast cosmic knowledge that comes from many forms. Depending on what type of energy you prefer to work with will determine which aspect of channeling that is comfortable for you so please always refer to self when it comes to determining your comfort and your preference. It is, however important be aware of the possibility for multiple channeled sources which this course will assist.

Channeling has all different types of names so once again go with the term that works for you. Some use mediumship, Trance medium, Séance conduit, Spiritual Magician, Telepathy, and Psychic Medium are some of the terms used. Terms are just catch phrases of the time so please go with what you are comfortable with. For this course we will use ‘Channel / Channeling as our terms of communication with the various energies of the Universal spiritual planes of existence.

It is our aim that you are enlightened and given a range of techniques that you can adapt as you develop your abilities to channel. The intent is always to come from a place of highest good and potential. These are lessons in building on your current approaches to spiritual communication so enjoy the journey.

Intuited by my own Channeled friends

Channeling is a frequency wave between two beings sharing information, energy, vibration, connecting on a level to bring forth change/information/inspiration.


Lesson One: What is channeling – defining the spiritual communication

  • How do we Channel

  • Who are we Channeling

  • How do we improve on this two way communication

  • Types of Channeling – auto writing, semi trance, full trance, psychic art

  • Practical – Establishing a Positive Receptive State


Lesson Two: Preparation of Self as a Spiritual Conduit for channeled messages

  • Identifying your own spiritual frequency and vibration and how to change dependant on type of connection.

  • Identifying your physical sensations when working within the Spiritual Connection

  • Meditation 101

  • Practical – Establishing an Energy Ball  and Full Awareness of Self


Lesson Three: Preparation of the Environment – Within/without

  • Readying your sacred space – materially and spiritually (preparation and protection)

  • Readying your Self – opening/closing the communication

  • Calling on your Soul Team

  • Reaching out for Spiritual communication – ways to connect

  • Practical – akashic connection


Lesson Four: Types of energies you will communicate with and how they may feel

  • Passed loved ones

  • Interdimensional beings

  • Ascended Masters

  • Angels

  • Practical – connecting with a passed loved one


Lesson Five: Discussion with your Spiritual Communicators

  • Intention for Channeling

  • Questions to ask

  • Practical for autowriting an ascended master of your choice

  • Going with the flow – your own communication uniqueness

  • Practical for autowriting an Angel of your choice


Lesson Six: Channeling via Objects and Pictures; a unique experience

  • Psychometry

  • Practical – Connecting to and Object or Location

  • Messages from Pictures

  • Practical – Three pictures of a Person/Location/Object to channel information


Lesson Seven: Channeling in Group Sessions

  • Participator – Roles and Suggestions

  • Facilitator – Roles and Suggestions

  • Preparation

  • Practical – Online session with course facilitators


Lesson Eight: Determining your Channeling Direction

  • Identifying the types of energy you prefer

  • Awareness of the variations of Self with the different types of connection

  • Understanding of Symbols within Spiritual communication

  • Practical – connection with an interdimensional being


Lesson Nine: Troubleshooting your Channeling experience

  • Positive experiences for Channeling and enhancing this

  • Challenging experiences of channeling and empowering yourself.

  • Experiences to date and the importance of Journaling

  • Practical -  Connecting with an energy of your choice and drawing


Lesson Ten: Identifying your channeling Strengths and Direction

  • Comparing your frequency with those who you channel and determining preference

  • Working with your Egomind and Heart centre

  • Where too now with your channeling talent.

  • Practical – Bringing all Learned methods into practice

We hope that you find this course exciting, enlightening, and enjoyable and the growth factor is going to take you outside of some comfort zone from time to time. You will be very surprised at your abilities as they grow with awareness, understanding, empowering you to participate and serve as a spiritual messenger for all variations of energies of your choice.



  • 10 lessons sent to you via email

  • Individually managed by You, determining when you continue on to the next lesson, so perfect for those who are juggling life!

  • Involves: Discussion, Videos to watch, Occasional Meditation then Reflection.



  • Enjoy yourself as you discover your channeling ability

  • Reflections sent back via email ( to Phoenix

  • Let Phoenix know when you are ready for your next lesson by email +/or payment


  • Pay as you go or as you can afford.

  • Invoice sent to your email

  • Receipt given when complete


  • Support from Phoenix as required

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Able to walk with your new channeled friends and learnng the dynamic dance of channeled energy.