Akashic Journey of the Self

Lesson One: Energies of the Akasha

  • Many Definitions of the Akashic Library

  • Current understanding and beliefs surrounding the experience

  • Energetic experience of the Akasha

  • Practical: Readying yourself for the journey vibrationally; Human, Vibration, Soul


Lesson Two: Energies of Self

  • Who and Why are you ‘Now?’

  • Rationale for the experience – why would you do it?

  • How often would you walk the Halls of Akasha?

  • Akashic Wisdom - what could you potentially find?

  • Practical – Akashic Journey Meditation


Lesson Three: Troubleshooting the Akashic Experience

  • Energetic shifts from the Akashic journey

  • Readiness dictating access

  • Time spent within the Akash Energy

  • Unable to locate access

  • Confusing experiences

  • Not fitting into the mould of other’s Akashic experiences


Lesson Four: Exploring the Akashic Experience

  • Honoring the experience

  • Interpretation challenges

  • Understanding the time spent within your Souls library

  • Potential addiction to the energetic Akashic space

  • Potential aversion to the energetic Akashic experience



Lesson Five: Meeting Your Akashic Supports

  • Akashic Over-Seer’s

  • Your Soul team and Akashic Wisdom

  • Purpose for the Akasha space

  • Allowing the Akashic wisdom to flow into every day Human life


Lesson Six: Purposeful Discovery within the Akashic Realm

  • Lessons Learned within the Akashic Realm

  • Communication and revelation

  • Assimilation of akash information

  • Connection with Purpose

  • Connection with Freedom



Lesson Seven: Akashic Connection in Life

  • What do we do with the information given?

  • Connection with another’s Akashic energy – pros/cons

  • Meditation: Discovering your Power Tool within the Akashic realm

  • Filtering the experience into your Current Perceived life




  • 7 lessons sent to you via email

  • Individually managed by You, determining when you continue on to the next lesson, so perfect for those who are juggling life!

  • Involves: Discussion, Videos to watch, Occasional Meditation then Reflection.



  • Enjoy yourself as you discover your Soul Library

  • Reflections sent back via email (reflecttorealise@gmail.com) to Phoenix

  • Let Phoenix know when you are ready for your next lesson by email +/or payment


  • Pay as you go or as you can afford.

  • Invoice sent to your email

  • Receipt given when complete


  • Access to videos always

  • Support from Phoenix as required

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Able to walk your own Akashic Records