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I have been working and teaching spiritual terms and self-development since 2010 and over this time my method of acquiring universal wisdom has changed. As a very young child, I had a sense of ‘knowing’. I am the eldest of many siblings and as I grew up I preferred to keep to myself. I spent a lot of time trying to establish just where I fitted into the world.

Intuitive Coach, Reader and Author

Phoenix Paton


Over the years in building the relationship with the Cheron Twelve team, Phoenix was introduced to most of the individuals;

So far, the energies have been the following;

  • A caring parent like figure

  • A scientific scholar

  • An extremely blunt no nonsense being

  • A light being of Creative energy

  • A shadow form of Change/Transition

  • A fun living comedic energy

  • A counselor

  • An impartial observer of clarity


12 of Origin

CHRn aka Cheron